Sustainable forestry at Enville

The woodlands of Enville Estate extend to some 1,235 acres, with 865 acres dedicated to coniferous and 370 broadleaf

The Estate straddles a geological fault, running NNE-SSW; the area of land on each side being broadly 50/50. Known as the Enville Fault, it separates two areas of sandstone, the western older and harder sandstones were laid down in Carboniferous times and to the east are the younger and softer Triassic sandstones. The fault line divides about 100 million years of geological time. East of the fault, the species are 80% pine, both Scots and Corsican. To the west of the fault, hardwoods predominate, but some outlying, non shooting woods were replanted with Larch, Spruce and Lawson in the 1960’s.

The restocking of approximately 35 acres of woodland has been completed, and today’s management focuses on this sustainable approach to commercial forestry. This, together with ongoing improvements to the shooting woodlands, is done without any detriment to the wider landscape and secures the future of Enville’s woodlands for many years to come.

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